05 August 2019

Halfway through Chapter 2!

Hope people still remember that I sometimes post updates here. I also hope that you're enjoying the story so far. If you wanted to leave comments, I'm sorry there's no option to do this on the site at this moment. I would really love to hear everyone's feedback, but I'm not much of a webmaster and this comic plus other projects I'm involved in don't really leave me that much time to figure that stuff out.

That being said, having a community aspect around this project is definitely something I want down the road so I'm considering all options that can make it happen. I'm probably going to start with mirroring TGB on web-comic hosting sites and see where that'll take us. I will also start a Discord server when I feel I can get enough people on it. But my number one priority is, and always will be, making TGB the best comic I can and keeping it that way.

If you're enjoying this story, have thoughts about the characters or things I could do better, I urge you to check out all the ways to contact me in the Contact section on the main page, I'm very interested in feedback.

Also, check out another great web-comic Flowers from the Deep by my friend and a big fan of TGB Morningbee. It's a one of a kind project with a wonderful retro aesthetic and a premise that instantly grabs your interest. Read it at deepflowers.webcomic.ws

That's all, folks. See you next Monday.