22 December 2019

Merry Christmas! Exciting update!

Hope you're enjoying Chapter III so far! If you've been following TGB's social media, you probably already know this, but I've yet to made an official announcement here. And the announcement is this:

The Good Blood is going to print!

To celebrate the upcoming one year anniversary, Chapter I and the prologue of the comic will be released as part of Ashcan Comic's Pub. monthly Flash Fiction Anthology! It's a subscription based publication that sends out small-format comics and illustrated short-story anthologies each month. It will also be available separately in the ACP store and to make it worth your while, it features a remastered prologue with the inn scene completely redrawn. Below is a little taste of what it'll look like.

I hope you'll consider supporting it so we can release future chapters as well. We're aiming for a February-March release and for now it'll be available only in the US, but we'll see what the future brings. It's been a good year for The Good Blood and I'm optimistic. Thank you very much for reading my work. Here's to you and let's hope that the next year will be even better!