16 September 2019

Chapter 2 is almost over but this time we'll have a little set-up for Chapter 3 before it officially begins. Also, I probably must address the red moon on the first panel in case you're wondering what's up with that. It isn't some apocalyptic bad omen, the fact that the colour of the moon is red in this world was supposed to be established in one of the first pages of the prologue. But these pages got cut and I didn't have a good opportunity to put the moon in view until now (I didn't want to just randomly cram it in when there was more important stuff happening). That's pretty much all there is to it, so please accept my apologies for this little defect in the comic. And for this page not being very content-packed, but I like a little calm before the storm.

By the way, there is now an RSS feed for the comic. I've posted the link on the homepage in case you're interested. Cheers!