The Good Blood - Prologue


            First of all, welcome and thank you for reading Good Blood. This project was on my head for a long time and It's great that it finally sees the light of day. I need to make a little disclaimer that the first four pages you've just read were actually created after the prologue and Chapter 1 were already drawn. That means the art won't be as good for a few entries, so please bear with me. You will see how I was figuring out the right style and mood throughout these next pages. And even though I'm pretty satisfied with how that intro turned out, I'm telling the story in a way that will allow some further experimentation. But I will get into that under the last page of this prologue.

So once again thank you for your interest and support and I hope you will stick around as I take these characters on a journey to see what they're made of. Enjoy.

- JG